Who We Are

Quality Service

Our Commitments

Our clients are our utmost priority in our services and the core of our corporate philosophy. Our commitments lie with the interests of our clients, partners and stakeholders. As such, we commit to:

  • Spending the necessary time and attention on economy research
  • Understanding the requirements of the businesses engaging SOFOS
  • Informing you of your most suitable funding and investment options

Value-Added Service

To differentiate ourselves from our competitors and offer one-stop external wealth management solutions and bespoke advices,

  • We inform clients about all details of the investment decision with risks involved.
  • We monitor the portfolio and inform clients regularly about updates relevant to them.
  • Our clients have the choice to select the custodian banks where they would like to maintain their account and assets with.
  • We manage assets with the Custodian based on a Limited Power of Attorney over the account. This allows SOFOS to efficiently manage the assets, but does not allow for any transfer of assets out of the account.